Doyan Ayam® Indonesia

WHY Doyan Ayam ?

Ayam geprek opportunity

Ayam geprek is an Indonesian crispy fried chicken crushed and mixed with hot and spicy (sambal) . Currently ayam geprek is commonly found in Indonesia. Doyan ayam as already the biggest ayam geprek chain has mission to enter new markets of high quality in international business. We believe that rising consumers consciousness and tasty movements give opportunities for ayam geprek. Selectively chosen ingredients with properly designed food preparation process can make ayam geprek more healthy, tasty and famous in the world.

Our Story
Ayam geprek doyan ayam was founded in 2016 by Mrs Tiara putri, a young entrepreneur who started operating a single home kitchen at Simo sidomulyo Street in Surabaya, Indonesia. The business was inspired by her visit to Jogjakarta when she walk for culinary food with their friends.

In surabaya she’s try to learn cooking ayam geprek with their own recipe and combine sambal with an otentic sauces.

In 2017 she’s open their first outlet in their home. After opening a few profitable by herself, Doyan Ayam geprek started to franchise the business with their friends Dendi Herawan and Ridho Mahfudz.

Since that decision, Doyan ayam geprek has achieved significant growth every year, reaching over 100 outlets in Indonesia in 2019. While continuing to grow domestically, Doyan ayam geprek began their international expansion in 2020.


What make Doyan ayam geprek so unique?
“Innovation” is one of the most important words in the Doyan Ayam Geprek office. Our ayam geprek are not just food to us. We work constantly on improving our ayam geprek taste and experience. Every year we develop new menu items which meet the changing tastes of customers. But the most unique feature of our ayam geprek is a combination chicken crispy crush with sambal and otentic sauce. Doyan ayam geprek also serving a various of toping to make our customer happy. We solved the problem of many people who borred with ayam geprek with sambal only.

Operating in many different markets in different countries we have learned that the world has amazing diversity in tastes. We respect the local taste of our customers. That is why entering a new market is so exciting for us. Our R&D and Branding teams in cooperation with our local and global partners work on adjustments to our menu and our brand for a better customer experience. In addition to our signature original ayam geprek, in every country you can find various types of ayam geprek sambal, sauces, and many toping.